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Paint plays a large role in how the interior or exterior of a home or commercial property looks. Worn or chipping paint can make an otherwise nice looking property look worn and outdated. However, paint does not just make a home or building's interior and exterior look nice, it can also protect the home or building from the elements. Universal Property Group provides commercial and residential painting services in Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding areas. For your custom painting quote, contact us for more information.

Interior Painting

In new homes or commercial buildings, drywall needs to be painted. In older homes and commercial buildings, interior paint can wear down over time which can lead to peeling, chipping and dirty looking walls. Paint that is in the process of breaking down can be unappealing to the homeowner or building owner. Fresh paint can take any room and make it look fresh and new again. Even on interior surfaces, paint can help protect the walls. New paint can also usually help protect the walls against dirt and grime more easily and be easier to clean that old paint.

Exterior Painting

In Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding areas, exterior paint can break down, peel and chip due to weather, which is ever changing. Paint that's wearing on exterior surfaces not only is unsightly, but it can also lead to damage to the exterior of the home or commercial property. Paint provides a protective layer to wood siding, wood accents, windowsills and other common exterior elements of residential and commercial properties.

For all of your residential and commercial painting needs in Toledo, Ohio, contact Universal Property Group for more information. Our expert painters will provide you with professional and courteous service.

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