Drywall in Toledo

Universal Property Group provides drywall replacement and installation services in Toledo, Ohio. Universal Property Group specializes in both commercial and residential drywall installation services. Drywall is an integral part to any residential or commercial property, but it can become damaged over time which calls for replacement. In new buildings or homes, drywall makes up the interior walls and therefore, proper and professional installation is a must.

Drywall Installation

UPG offers drywall installation (hanging) services for new homes, new commercial buildings and on home or building remodel projects. Our services also include drywall finishing so that your walls are properly finished and ready to paint. When drywall is hung, there are seams between walls, corners and the ceilings that need to be finished. Without finishing, walls would not look like the fluid structures that most people see in their building or home. The process involves taping, applying compound and then sanding for a smooth finish. Professional drywall hanging and finishing ensures that your walls are complete and ready to be painted or decorated.

Drywall Repair

A door that opened too quickly, a piece of large furniture being moved or even pounding a nail in the wall too hard are just a few of the ways that drywall can become damaged. Other causes of damage include water damage, moisture and structural issues. Damaged drywall can be unsightly but it can also cause more problems down the road. Holes can become larger or cracks can make the wall unstable. Universal Property Group can repair or replace your damaged or worn drywall. Our professional drywall repair and installation specialist will assess the damage in your residential or commercial property and then provide you with your replacement or repair options.

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