Epoxy Floor Coating in Toledo

Universal Property Group provides garage floor coating services to Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding areas. A garage floor coating is an excellent way to protect the flooring in your garage and it’s also a good way to add a decorative touch to your garage.

Reasons to Consider Garage Floor Coatings

A garage of a home or business received a lot of wear and tear over the years. Vehicles are driving in and out, vehicles can leak fluids, car repairs are made, some garages are used for workshops and garage spaces are often used as areas to store items as well. Everything that typically happens in a garage can lead to years of buildup, cracks and other damage. A new garage floor coating can help bring back an old garage floor back to life and garage floor coatings can help protect new floors. Aside from protecting the floor, garage door coating can also bring a touch of design to the garage area depending on if colors are chosen over standard gray.


The process of having a garage floor coated starts with assessing the current condition of the floor. For the best results, any dirt buildup needs to be removed and cracks should be repaired. Prepping the floor properly helps with the new coating process. Once the preparation stages are complete, the new coating is applied and sanded to achieve a smooth result. Universal Property Group instills a high level of care and detail for minimal dust creation.

For more information on the garage floor coating services offered, contact Universal Property Group in Toledo, Ohio.

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