Doors & Trim in Toledo

One of the easiest ways to freshen up a home or building is to replace interior doors and trim. Universal Property Group installs interior doors and trim in Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding communities. Whether you need one door replaced or you need new doors and trim for your whole home or building, contact us for a customized quote. Universal Property Group provides interior door and trim services for both residential and commercial customers.

Interior doors are functional, but they also help make the design of your home or commercial property. Doors come in various different styles and finishes, which allow you to match them with the design of your home or building. From a functional perspective, interior doors offer privacy and separate rooms within a home or building. Interior doors can be modern and sleek or they can be classic and traditional. The choice on how you want your doors to look is completely up to you.

Trim is what surrounds the doorway and it can also add aesthetic appeal to your home or commercial property. As with doors, trims come or can be made into various styles to match your design style. Different finishes or paint colors can be used so that it blends perfectly with the style of your door or to make it stand out, whichever you prefer.

One of the most important aspects of having interior doors and trim installed is accurate measurements. Universal Property Group takes great care in obtaining accurate measurements so that your interior doors hang flawlessly and the trim meets perfectly. For more information about UPG's interior door and trim services in Toledo, Ohio, contact us today.

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