Deck, Patios, & Fencing in Toledo

Universal Property Group offers deck building, patio building and fence building services to Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding areas. Have you ever dreamed of creating an outdoor living space? Whether it’s privacy that you’re seeking or you need a deck for summer BBQs, give UPG a call to get started with your customized deck, patio or fencing quote.


A deck is a beautiful way to add outdoor space to a home or business. From a simple deck to place your grill to a large entertaining area, UPG can custom build a deck that meets your design and functionality needs. What’s great about decks today is that there are so many different designs and materials to choose from.


Patios are another great option for outdoor living or entertainment areas. Patios are also a good choice for homes that have low sitting doors. The nice thing about patios is that there are also a number of design options to choose from. These days, patios aren’t limited to the normal gray slabs of concrete that used to be common in patio design. Stamped concrete, colored concrete and patterns are just a few of the many patio style options.


Fencing is a great way to add privacy to your home or business’s yard or outdoor area. Fencing also provides a way to keep animals in or animals out. Other uses for fencing include decorative purposes and yard security. Design choices are nearly endless with fencing today. Traditional fences made of wood are still quite common, but vinyl fencing has also become a popular choice with homeowners over the last decade. On top of the type of materials used, gate, latch, colors and finials are a few of the common design choices to make when having a new fence installed.

Whether you’re looking to add a deck, patio or fence to your property or you need your current deck, patio or fencing replaced, give UPG a call for more information.

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