Basement Finishing in Toledo

Basements in residential properties often provide a lot of storage space, but when a homeowner needs more livable space, itís also an area that can be finished. Universal Property Group offers basement finishing services in Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding communities.

Basement Finishing vs. Additions

When more living space is needed, there are two main options that homeowners have. One option is basement finishing and the other option is adding an addition. Additions can at times pose a problem due to the lot size that the property is on or sometimes zoning restrictions can get in the way of adding rooms onto an existing structure. The other issue with additions is that they have to be built from the ground up, as opposed to basement finishing, where the space that is already there is being used.

With basement finishing, homeowners have walls, flooring and at least basic ceiling components already in place. Every basement is different and therefore, various things may need to be installed, moved or worked on in order to complete the finishing process, but in most situations, the basic components are already in place.

Room Options

Basement finishing is often done to obtain the space or rooms that the homeowner desires. The most popular types of rooms chosen to be included in basement finishing projects are living rooms, media rooms, extra bedrooms, additional bathrooms or mother/daughter style living areas. For mother/daughter style, the basement is often turned into an apartment style living area with a small kitchen, bath, living area and bedroom. The great thing about finishing a basement is that there are plenty of options to choose from.

For more information on the basement finishing services offered by Universal Property Group in Toledo, Ohio, contact us today. We can discuss more options with you or get started with a quote for your basement finishing project.

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