Snow Removal in Toledo

Universal Property Group offers commercial and residential snow removal in Toledo, Ohio. The winters of northwestern Ohio can at times be harsh and brutal but with professional snow removal, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that when winter strikes, help will be on the way. From large parking lots to small residential driveways and everything in between, Universal Property Group is equipped to get you through the winter.

Factors to Consider For Snow Removal

Even a short stretch of driveway or sidewalk can equal a lot of work when it snows a lot. Snow shovels aren’t made for removing deep snow or wet and heavy snow. Professional snow removal can easily and quickly remove accumulated snow.

For commercial customers, in the wintertime, it’s important that employees and customers can still access the place of business. Snow can quickly accumulate in parking lots and on other flat surfaces, making the area slippery. Professional snow removal not only removes the snow that’s built up, but materials can be placed on the surface to help reduce ice and slippery conditions.

Built up snow can not only make the driving and walking surface slippery and difficult to navigate, but snow can also cause damage to driveways, sidewalks, buildings and homes. Moisture that seeps into the parking lot, driveway, road or sidewalk can cause cracks, potholes and other damage that can turn into a larger problem later down the road. Snow and moisture that’s left sitting around the outside areas of buildings and homes can also cause foundation and other structural issues as well.

Snow removal during the winters of Toledo doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Give Universal Property Group a call to discuss our snow removal surfaces and then relax when the snow starts to fall.

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