Your Landscaper in Toledo

Universal Property Group offers commercial and residential landscaping services in Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding communities. Landscaping is a great way to take the outside area of your home or business and turn it into your own style. A nicely landscaped yard in front of a home or business provides visual appeal, but proper landscaping has several more benefits.

Properly placed plants, trees and shrubs not only look nice, but they can also cut down on heating and cooling bills, provide outdoor shade areas and can reduce noise. If you’re a business owner, landscaping can add curb appeal and make the business location look more inviting.

In Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding areas, landscaping is important because winters can be harsh with wind, rain and snow, while summers can be hot, humid and relentless. During the winter months, properly placed landscaping can help protect the exteriors of homes or businesses from the weather, while in the summer, shade from trees and shrubs can help block the heat. Aside from the economic and weather comfort factors that landscaping can provide, the curb appeal is one of the main reasons why homeowners and business owners choose to have landscaping done around their property.

Landscaping can be kept simple or elaborate landscaping can be done to really make a property stand out. From simple flowers and shrubbery to rock gardens, waterfalls and the extensive list of materials that can be used, UPG will work with you to help make your landscaping project a reality. For more information on Universal Property Group’s landscaping services in Toledo, Ohio, contact us today.

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